Frequently ask questions

1. Why to choose Masseuse and not Sex?

Hand jobs and erotic massages do not pose a risk for HIV transmission because there is no exchange of bodily fluids occuring.
Comfortable and forth-less way to get the rest and resolve sexual tension at the same time.
Massage give you endless physical benefits as oxygenation of blood, and mental as releasing of endorphins in the brain.
Make learn to have mastery over your sexual function.
Experience intense pleasure in whole body.
Helps build confidence and overcome shyness.
Erotic massage saves marital fidelity. Men shouldn't use sexual services to maintain his men's health.
Unique Experience the gratifying feeling of receiving without giving.

2. What is a massage session?

In the first part you will receive a therapeutic massage using techniques Shiatsu,Tai, Relieving, massage head and foot... This part gives a long list of health benefits.
In the erotic part masseuse will guide your hands up her delicious curves, immersing guests in a relaxed state which will be taken with a live and memorable finish

3. Are erotic massage for men only?

Do Not, are erotic tantric massage for men, women and couples who want to discover a new world of relaxation and sensuality or improve their sexuality.

4. Is the orgasm is reached during tantric massage?

The masseuse will massage your body from head to toe, including his genital area. No oral sex or sexually explicit, but if a genital massage, so if you wish you can reach orgasm.

5. Can I caress the masseuse?

Yes, except  Masaje Relax Express and Massage Body Body Delight, since it is an erotic massage receptor / passive. Always caresses with great respect, never suddenly. You can not masturbate genital area of  masseuse.

6. Can I be disappointed with the massage?
And, in the following cases:
  • Disrespect to / for massage. Sexual Problems. Do not leave the work / masseur
  • Wanting to interact with the genital area massage, as it can not be
  • Press the masseuse to reach more than what is stipulated in the massage or have oral or sexually explicit

7. Are real picteres?
  • Yes, of course 100% real

8. Payments Methods
  • We accept cash and credit/debits cards.