It is interesting to remember that the Roman Baths were places of encounter where from patrician senators to plebeians and humbler classes were equaled, secrets were shared and of course they enjoyed body treatments ( mainly massages and hydrotherapy) all in a relaxed atmosphere like we do in Trebol massages in  Madrid.

In the ancient Egypt the massage was performed with pure essential oils to achieve a physical and mental harmony.

The Islamic culture also loving personal care used millenial techniques using the base of oils and henna which is a powerful natural antiseptic that provided a very beautiful bronzed color in their skin.

Leaving behind the cultures of the mediterranean basin also found that in the far East also enjoyed the benefits of massage.

In India place of birth of spirituality combined  with massage techniques you can experience a unique experience were body and soul coexist in another dimension appllying Deep breaths thatlead to a state of relaxation almost ethereal.

They introduced in the whole East the idea of the Tantra of turning material desire into a spiritual purpose, in fact is said that Buddha  achieved though the Tantra the illumination.

So in Japan to give an example, Geishas who were multidisciplinary artists applied in their massages tantic secrets, also in their behaviour. They combined sensuality, spirituality, elegance and courtesy.

And so if we are exploring around the globe we will find in every culture the taste for personal care and massages.

It is true that in almost all cultures except India, they kept men and women separately in the massages places, but fortunately  thanks to the introduction of Neotantra and the evoution of societies we can now have all the benefits that tantric massages for couples have.

It is the same if the couple who wants to receive the Tantra massage has experience or not, because in masajes Trebol ( whose masseusses ar masters in Tantra) we adapt the massage in a personalized way according to your tastes and the experience you wanna try.

Masajes Trebo lis a temple dedicated to pleasure through erotic and tantric massage that will help couples to get to know each other more deeply to explore and stimulate point of pleasure that they probably even knew existed. That way you will créate between two members a complicity that will strength the relatonship while you can learn our techniques and how to apply them in the body of your partner in order to make him/her  feel very intense orgasms through all corners of the body.

IN Masajes Trebol we give much importance to those couples who seek to escape from the routine and unleash the most hidden pleasures with the desire to enjoy and enrich their relationship.

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